Peter Faux


Peter Faux was born January 23rd 1828 at No 28, Rue du Jardin Royale, Bordeaux to Jean and Magdelaine Faux, it would appear that Peter was named after his uncle, Peter Francis Pader.

1848 saw a short period of service in the French army where he gained 56th place in his class, after just one years service Peter (or his parents) sought the services of an agent to find a someone to replace him, he left the Army on December 13th 1849 having paid the agent 1400 francs which was a considerable sum of money for finding his replacement, which would suggest that the family were quite wealthy and almost certainly wine merchants.

At the age of 26 he emigrated to Australia, and arrived in Melbourne aboard the 'Thorwaldsen' October 23rd 1854 and later that same year was to marry Anna Sudrie at St Francis Roman Catholic Church, Melbourne.

1861 saw the birth of their only son Louis, Three years later Peter purchased his first land at Dunolly, Further land being purchased from the crown in 1872 and which adjoined the original land bought in 1864, During the years that Peter managed his vineyard in Dunolly he became quite a successful wine producer, having won prizes for his wine at the Paris Exhibition.

On the 7th January 1893 just before he was 65 Peter was naturalized as a British Subject and received his naturalization letter on the 3rd February 1893. Peters wife Anna died 5th November 1906 she was aged 83, Peter passed away 25th February 1910 aged 82.

Source - Ian R Faux